6 Ways to Make Your Mailer Stand Out…

9th May 2018

Print is still a highly effective marketing channel for companies of all sizes and from all industries. Unlike emails, radio ads or TV commercials that can be easily filtered or tuned out, a well-executed print campaign can have the ability to reach consumers in an uninterrupted setting at just the right time.

But getting your mailer noticed is key. Standing out in a pile must be a marketer’s number one priority. We know from our experience that mailers which aim to create meaningful experiences for customers leave lasting impressions. So, here we’ve delved into the minds of our print experts who have shared their tips on how to make your mailer stand out:

1. Use unconventional sizes and formats

Unlike generic mailers that may consist of standard sized, white envelopes, high-impact mailers are one-of-a kind, they instantly stand out from all other mail in a pile. Bland or expected creative easily goes unnoticed, yet unique shapes and sizes draw recipients in and helps to create an instant connection with them.There are endless formats and designs to choose from including postcards, voucher booklets, snap and crack mailers, sliders and pull-outs (to name a few), and depending on your industry and your target audience some are more effective than others.

2. Consider speciality and high-end paper stocks

There are many ways to elevate your mailers. Opting for higher quality paper stocks, inks and print finishes will often make for a good first impression. Some studies have even suggested that using higher end paper can boost engagement rates too. Special coatings and print effects such as embossing, debossing, or foil stamping are just some of the ways you can transform your mailer into something that stands out from the crowd. These can also help you to become instantly recognisable and enable you to build a brand that is well-known and trusted.

3. Dimensional, 3D pieces

The more unusual and tactile a mailer can be, the more it will get noticed. Using a 3D mailer rather than a two-dimensional piece can entice customers to pick it up, open and explore. A 3D mailer is designed with the purpose of catching the recipient’s eye and getting them to interact and play with it. The more unusual the 3D mailer is, and the brighter the print and graphics are, the more likely it will grab the recipient’s attention, entice them to open it up, and therefore less likely it will end up in the bin.

4. Coloured and highly-decorative

Unique colours attract the eye more than a plain mailer. According to The Pantone Colour Institute, 80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, and colour choice is critical for engagement. It suggests that people are 78% more likely to remember words and phrases when presented in colour, and that colour accounts for 60% of whether a person will accept or reject an object.  It says that brand identification is increased by 70% when colour is added and recipients are more likely to respond to a colourful mailer than they are with a black and white document.

5. Highly interactive elements

The more interactive the mailer is, the more opportunities for engagement. From unexpected features such as flaps, compartments, openings or closures, experiential pieces really engage audiences. The extra “Wow” effect which delivers something unexpected or surprising can make your recipients feel appreciated and more inclined to engage with your brand. There are plenty of innovative examples of interactive mailers that have won awards for their work. Honest Brew won a DMA award last year for its ‘Turn your Howler into a Woofer’ concept.  Recipients of its beer in a tube were also sent three pins and shown how to convert the tube into a woofer.

Howler into a Woofer

6. High level of personalisation

Personalisation is key to the success of mailers. Showing the customer that you understand them makes them feel valued and increases their loyalty towards your brand. Personalisation means not only sending mailers with correct names, birthday dates or other unique-to-them elements, brands that elevate mailers really contextualise their offerings too. For example, using the data on their shopping habits or life milestones to send them other relevant offers, e.g. a frequent flyer customer may be a great prospect for a hotel or hospitality offer.

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