The Season of Spend

26th October 2017

The temperature may be decreasing but consumer spend is increasing and with Christmas fast approaching, this season is an important time to make sure your marketing tactics are strong!

Did you know?

30%+ of annual retail spend is over the Christmas Period? 40%+ if you’re in the jewelry business! – ‘I do.’

Kick starting the seasonal spending habits is the notorious Black Friday! Although here in Britain we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we have adapted to the American culture of the big Black Friday sales. Thanksgiving is the 3rd Thursday in November every year, Black Friday follows this day. Another sale frenzy we have adopted is Cyber Monday, the Monday following these days. Making that weekend one of the most popular buying weekends of the year!

2016 saw a 12% rise in sales in the UK from 2015’s £3.3 Billion, £1.1 billion on Black Friday alone. These figures were much higher than the £810 million spent in 2014, one can only assume 2017 will be bigger still. Therefore, not marketing your Brand, products or services at this time could be a missed opportunity. If you’re not already ready – you should stop what you’re doing immediately and launch your Black Friday and holiday marketing campaign right now.

There are many ways of going about Black Friday. Historically; some brands close on this day, a popular hashtag #optout was used as a way to encourage people to not succumb to the Black Friday rush, some extend the sale across the whole week or allow previews in the lead up to the weekend, some use the theme of giving and do not give discounts but give profits to charities. The options are endless, look at your brand, look at your customers, realistically what can you/can you not offer? Choose your strategy, plan how and when you are going to communicate this to receive the best ROI possible.

Some of our tips for getting started:


Revise last year’s customer data and purchasing habits and use this knowledge as power.

Reward loyal customers.

Tailor your communications and create unique offerings to your customers, this will make them feel more valued, deepen their emotional connection to your brand and inevitably increase their likely hood of spending with you.


Find them and remind them what offers you have coming up, more frequently than the others. We all know a last-minute shopper, these shoppers do not always know the market or what great deals are out there, most will convenience buy, potentially missing out on your offer! With this group, it is a good idea to include a countdown in your communications, encouraging them to act now.

Define your customer buying style

Do they primarily shop online, instore, click and collect? Offer online exclusives, free deliveries click and collect deals, in-store only offers. Utilise every platform you have. For instance online shoppers, most often the cheapest sell for any business; why not turn their online experience into an instore experience? Offer and extra discount for click and collect rather than free delivery, this drives your footfall and encourages a further instore spend!

Lack of customer data?

If like many businesses you struggle to obtain information on your individual customers, using sales data to plan your seasonal campaigns can work well also, make your decisions based around the type of products bought in certain time frames. With this in mind, this is the perfect time to gather information! Offer an even better deal on products, but to access this they must register for the offer. Use this registration to gather the information you feel you require for stronger future campaigns. This may pull your margin down on this campaign sales but it will inevitably increase sales in future more tailored campaigns.

Communication strategy

Communication channels and timing are the important factors for a successful campaign. With online shopping increasing in popularity this is a sure winner. A strong email campaign that drives people to your website is a step towards success! Online incentives, free deliveries, offer codes etc are all options for this. Vouchers to use in store are often sent via email as well as direct mail and SMS. When sending emails be sure you have optimised these for mobile, a last-minute email on the day can add that extra push in the direction of your store!  A multi-channel approach will tick all the boxes for a profitable holiday season.  The physicality of direct mail creates a sense of appreciation and value to those who receive it; this emotional connection increases customer loyalty and spend! Tie your mail content in with your email communications and your website itself! Use all platforms to communicate your offers! Keep the messages clear and direct, this decreases any means for confusion, make it easy for them and make your brand the stand out choice.


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