Integrated media campaign

Boden’s key objective for Howard Hunt was to create a catalogue cover that no-one else had done before and would set them apart from the competition.

Boden wanted to integrate the campaign beyond offline and utilise every customer touch point possible; from email and social media through to the experience their customers receive when they contact the call centre.

The concept for the campaign was derived from the notion of a ‘Love Story’; the catalogue was designed to be personalised to each specific customer to highlight what they have bought before and what they are likely to purchase from their purchase history.

All catalogues featured the customer’s first name and ‘J loves…’ motifs on the cover, followed by a ‘Love Story’ fold out spread which was completely unique to each customer based on the customer’s individual shopping history and life-cycle with Boden.

To incorporate a cross-media element to the campaign, an online landing page was created where customers could engage and contribute to the ‘Love Story’ by sharing what they love about Boden.


  • Versus the control, the design saw a 30% uplift in response rates
  • By integrating the campaign across multiple channels, the targeted email generated a further 12% uplift in click-through rates
  • The whole campaign generated a significant increase in ROI
  • Boden received over 3,000 competition entries, over 250 Facebook and community posts and 1000+ connected comments.