Highly personalised

We worked with the department store Liberty on their Liberty Loyalty Card Scheme.

Our experts worked closely with Liberty to carry out a strategic and creative review of their marketing and help them design unique pieces that are highly personalised and relevant to their current shopping behaviour.

Howard Hunt Group has consulted with Liberty around their loyalty data, segmenting it into groups dependent on individual value and buying behaviour. We have also utilised propensity modelling to analyse the data and create customer profiles; identifying those with a higher propensity to shop in more departments and which specific departments they were most likely to purchase from.

Their Loyalty cardholders tend to “know what they like and like what they know” so we give them a reason to explore and shop across other departments within the store. We achieved this by reminding them what else the store has to offer; by highlighting products that match their profile and transactional history and by delivering personalised bonus vouchers to prompt action.


  • 28% shopped as a result of the mailing
  • ROI = 3468 %
  • Increased Average Transaction Value by 8% against plan
  • Converted 3% of single division shoppers into multiple division shoppers

The work with Liberty was also recognised and shortlisted for a Marketing Engage Award in 2012 in the CRM & Loyalty category.