12 reasons to use door drops as part of your marketing mix

10th October 2018

Door drops are becoming an increasingly popular channel in a post-GDPR world according to the recent DMA Print Council’s annual door drop survey, which forecasts continued growth for this marketing method in 2018.

Due to advancements in printing technology, door drops are now data-led, can be highly targeted, and can stand accountable for their performance in driving sales and new customer acquisition both online and offline.

As a result, the industry has seen spend on door drops remain stable, and this channel has avoided the significant reduction in investment that has been witnessed in TV and press advertising.

Here we take a look at 12 reasons why door drops are becoming a channel to be reckoned with:

1.   You can now compare ROI on a like-for-like basis with other channels

JICMAIL, the industry’s flagship measurement system, launched at the beginning of the year giving the print medium a level playing field, enabling door drops to be compared with other channels. JICMail has brought measurement of door drops in line with rival channels, such as outdoor, television and radio.

2. They are GDPR compliant from the off

Unlike many other channels, door drops are GDPR compliant from the off because they don’t require any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and only use the postcode.

As digital marketing comes under further scrutiny following a series of high profile data breaches such as the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, door drops are predicted to become the beneficiaries of redirected marketing budgets.

3. They deliver a strong ROI

Due to the reach of door drops, they have very successful commercial outcomes, including high levels of consumer engagement and longevity in the home. As a result, ROI is the primary reason why brands are seeking to include them in their media schedules.

4. They are efficient

As a result of continued improvement in targeting techniques, which are underpinned by better data, as well as improved efficiencies in printing technology, they are a cost-efficient method of marketing communications. As a bonus, highly targeted campaigns have reduced waste paper volumes too, meaning door drops are more environmentally friendly than ever before.

5. They remain a strong medium for local businesses

The distribution of door drops continues to be a popular choice of media amongst small and medium sized local businesses, it is particularly popular in the fast food industry.

6. You can accurately target your intended audience

Advertisers using door drops now have access to consumer data and targeting comparable to those choosing digital marketing media. This improvement in using data and new targeting methods has seen new users test the channel.

7. You can design a variety of styles

Due to improvements in printing technology, there is now a vast array of choice in style of door drops, including leaflets, unaddressed envelopes and booklets.

8. They have a high-end print finish

Modern printing techniques mean door drops can printed on a good quality stock, enhancing brand value almost subliminally, as well as making this medium more attractive to premium brands.

9. They are reliable

Door drops, a proven acquisition channel for advertisers requiring volume and reach, continue to show resilience despite long-term decline in other print media according to the DMA’s Print Council.

10. They have a wide reach

The Office for National Statistics says there are 27.1 million households in the UK as of November 2017, of which 98% receive and see door drops. This means that door drops can reach almost every single one of the nation’s home, it has equal reach across all demographics and the channel is truly democratically accessible by all.

11. They stay in the home for longer

According to new figures from JICMail door drops stay in the home for 38 days. Along with other forms of print, they are put on display, saved for later in the homeowner’s ‘usual’ place, and shared between the household. In fact, figures show that 18% of special offers are passed on or discussed with someone else.

12. They are more trusted

Recent research has shown that print conveys trust far better than other marketing channels.  As opposed to digital methods, it is solid, tactile, and consumers can actually hold the communication in their hands – they can feel it, store it, share it, and come back to it.

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