A Multi-Coloured Mishap

9th May 2019

Don’t worry, this wasn’t a large-scale artistic attempt to show off our latest four-colour capabilities… this multi-coloured mishap was in fact the result of an ink spillage at our headquarters just a few weeks ago.

Fantastic response from both local authorities and Howard Hunt’s partners have meant that a major incident was avoided and only localised damage to the surrounding area of the facility has been inflicted. Environmental waste specialists have been working round the clock to contain the issue and recycle the waste through a dedicated waste management chain.

Investigators have determined the cause of the incident as being due to trespassers whom tampered with a series of containers and removing the valves, causing the spill of ink reserves into one of the courtyards of our print site.

Howard Hunt’s Head of Print, Barry Fitzpatrick, commended all parties for their timely and professional response, “The speed at which we were able to control and contain the incident are testament to the disaster recovery and specialist teams we have in place. Security measures have been increased across all production sites and continued remediation work is underway, being overseen by an expert safety and security crew.”

Whilst the spill marked an inconvenient end to the Easter long weekend, we can confirm that it has not led to any impact to core operations, full service and business as usual has remained unaffected.