Advertising Mail: An Engagement Update

18th February 2019

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) is a professional body that is committed to raising standards in the mailing industry and promoting better mail for all. As a board member of the organisation, our Managing Director, Danny Clarke, attended the board meeting a few weeks ago for an update on the engagement of advertising mail.

The meeting revealed some interesting statistics on the engagement rates of advertising mail as reported by JICMail.  We have reported on their findings below:

% of commercial actions taken with advertising mail (door drops & direct mail):

  • 19% discussed with someone
  • 8% visited sender’s website
  • 8% used a voucher/discount code
  • 7% bought something/made a payment or donation
  • 5% went online for more information
  • 3% looked up their account details
  • 3% called the sender
  • 2% posted a reply to the sender
  • 3% visited the sender’s shop/office
  • 3% planned a large purchase

% of door drops driving a visit to a store or office:

  • 1% containing a voucher code
  • 9% containing special offers/discounts
  • 1% all door drops

As part of the meeting, the SMP wants to show advertisers how working with JICMail can benefit your advertising campaigns.

Whilst your agency may already be a subscriber, JICMAIL is now offering you direct data for a free six-month trial period so you can see how the data adds value within your own/in-house planning cycles and how it can integrate within your own data and evaluation systems.

JICMAIL will fully support your team over this period with a bespoke free training and support plan. There are also free on-line introductory courses for the planning of direct mail and door drops if required.

To access the data, all you need to do is sign a short data agreement and provide JICMAIL with your permission to opt in to sharing your circulation data for future publication through Nielsen.

For more information on how you can get involved and improve the insight on mail in the UK, please contact our team on 01322 414 000 or click here to send us a message.