Celebrating Award-Winning Mail

4th January 2019

We love celebrating ground-breaking print campaigns, so, in our latest article we take a look at the deserving winners of this year’s DMA Awards…

2018 Best Use of Mail – Gold

This fantastic campaign, TV Licensing – Pulse Will You Be In? by Proximity London for TV Licensing, scooped up the Gold Award at the ceremony this year.

Despite 1.4million TV license enforcement letters sent out every month, the communications were still being ignored. Evaders may not pay for a variety of reasons; some might be struggling to pay, some won’t pay on principle. However, they all have one thing in common – they avoid the thought of being caught. So, in order to get their message seen, TV Licensing needed to remaster their campaign.

Three strategic action points were required;

  • Avoid subtle hints
  • Clarify enforcement
  • Emphasise the consequences

The challenge the creative team had to overcome was getting people to actually open the envelopes. They opted for a non-branded manila envelope that featured a double window showing the line ‘Will you be in on <DATE>?’ to intrigue the recipient.

To capture the reader’s attention upon opening, they were served a letter from TV Licensing, followed by the above question and specific date. The selected date was far enough away to allow the reader to take action. The letter then went on to explain the scope of activity around licensing and how officers could visit a property at any given time.

An authoritative ‘Visit Approved’ stamp was used for visual reinforcement and the letter was signed off by a local Enforcement Manager to create a sense of proximity.


The letter targeted two main audience groups; both of which do not obtain licenses. The first segment contained those who were unlicensed for up to two years, and the second contained those who were unlicensed for more than two years.

The campaign’s new test pack ran against the existing pack and it delivered a 230% uplift in the latter audience group. Since rollout, the new campaign continues to provide impressive results.

2018 Best Use of Mail – Silver

The Silver Award for this category was picked up by MRM//McCann for their work on P&O Ferries’ What Next – Spontaneity mailer.

With the UK ferry market experiencing a steady, long-term decline, P&O wanted to make ferry travel feel special to customers once again. So, they decided to target a whole new audience group, the ‘Active Explorers’ – a group that could afford luxury 5-star holidays but prefer adventure holidays instead.

MRM//McCann collaborated with P&O to create a mailer that put the customer at the heart of the adventure. They opted for a simple letter that was written in second person and used creative, inspiring copy to entice the reader into booking their trip.


Despite there being no real offer, the campaign produced a response rate of 10%. The letters also prompted an increase in website visitors, with a lift of 17.1% during the week the campaign dropped and a 21.7% lift the week after. When compared to the corresponding week in 2017, the first week that the letter was distributed saw a 9.6% increase in sales and a 15.5% rise in revenue.

2018 Best Use of Mail – Bronze

As well as their Gold win, Proximity London was also awarded the Bronze Award for the Chassis Cab campaign for Volkswagen.

Having launched their Crafter Chassis Cab – a high-spec cab that can be converted in every way to suit different businesses’ requirements – Volkswagen needed a campaign to showcase its flexibility. They worked with Proximity to produce a mail piece that was interactive and engaging to capture their target market’s attention.

A mailer with a slide out format was produced to illustrate multiple conversion possibilities in a tactile way. It featured key facts and information about the vehicle and recipients were able to hold their phone over the pack to view an animated video. This really brought the mailer to life and mirrored the innovation of the Cab.

The results of this campaign were for the judges’ eyes only.

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