The Beauty of the Birthday Mailer

1st April 2019

Happy birthday! Everyone loves to hear those two words on their special day, and despite living in a digital age, 80% of people still prefer to receive cards on their birthday rather than an ecard.

Marketers know that relevant campaigns generate greater responses with recipients and there’s nothing more relevant than a prospect receiving a birthday mailer inviting them to celebrate with you in some way.

This, coupled with recent research from The Royal Mail that found 70% of people say that receiving mail makes them feel valued, it’s little wonder that birthday mailers can be a great way to reconnect with customers.

5 reasons to use a birthday mailer

Here at Howard Hunt, we know that birthday mailers are a popular tactic used by many of our customers for the following five reasons:

  1. It rewards customers: Tailored money off vouchers of frequently purchased items shows your customer that you know them, and understand what they like.
  2. It solidifies relationships: Personalising birthday cards makes customers feel valued and increases their loyalty towards your brand.
  3. It reinforces loyalty: Forrester Consulting research found that 78% of those who receive relevant offers and vouchers feel more positive towards a brand, and makes them more likely to buy from them again in the future.
  4. It creates something memorable: Recipients of personalised birthday mailers are more likely to remember the brand and keep the piece of direct mail in a prominent position in the home. In fact, JICMAIL research found that 38% of people put it on display or in a “usual place”.
  5. It works with digital: Birthday mailers that include a money off deal are 23% more likely to drive people online to look for the deal or to do more research, according to JICMail findings.

Birthday mailers are still popular with consumers

Research by   JICMAIL  has shown that despite technological advances and the increase in mobile discount codes, 75% of consumers still like receiving tailored special offers and vouchers through their letterbox. In fact, 10.5 million people used a discount voucher or coupon when they made a purchase last year.

With that in mind we spoke our direct mail experts to find out some of the best ways of running a birthday direct mail campaign. Here’s what they had to say:

Tips and tricks for getting your birthday mailer right

Offer an exclusive freebie: “Free” is an effective motivator, to get someone to take action. Those in the catering and entertainment business should consider offering a free meal, appetiser or drink to the birthday guest, or for hotels or airlines, a free upgrade.  As it’s rare for people to celebrate by themselves, with roughly 70% of adults dining out on their special day,  usually bringing six to 10 family or friends with them, freebies can be a loss leader that pays off.

Send a money off or a percentage off total purchase incentive: This is another popular way to “gift” the recipient without costing a great deal.   Keep in mind that the higher the percentage off, the more people will respond.

Create VIP service: This is a great way to bring people in the door. Whether you’re a club and offer a queue jump, or a restaurant and promise the ‘best table in the house’, or even a retailer where you offer a VIP shopping service or make-over, there are lots of ways to boost your customer’s morale on their special day using a VIP tactic.

Keep it relevant to your business: Don’t make the mistake of offering unrelated rewards, such as gift vouchers for cinema tickets, because these rewards are less effective when it comes to reinforcing a positive customer experience. You want customers to have a successful interaction with you, not an unrelated company.

Make it fun: The content on the card needs to stand out and catch the eye, so use services such as the birthday calculator to research fun things that happened on this day in history. It’ll tell you all sorts of things from the phase of the moon on the day that person was born, birth stones, numerological and astrological facts as well as notable things that happened in pop culture.

Keep it personal: Hand write the envelope or hand sign inside the card for the personal touch, as this boosts engagement with consumers. Psychologists suggest hand written notes evoke an emotional response or attachment to the direct mail.

Make a charitable donation: Customers like businesses that support  charities,  so integrate your birthday promotion with a charity that’s related to your business.  If the person takes up your offer, pledge to donate a per cent of their spend. This can create great goodwill and help support a great cause.

To find out how you can intelligently tailor your campaigns to show appreciation to your loyal customers, contact our skilled team on 01322 414 000 or click here to drop us a message.