Benefits of Printing with Inkjet Technology

2nd August 2018

At Howard Hunt, we continuously endeavour to ensure that we remain ahead of the curve and provide the premium services to our clients, which is why we recently invested in the new, powerful colour inkjet web press technology offered by HP.

Ahead of our investment, we conducted some extensive market analysis to meet our increased demand for direct mail solutions. We found the following benefits that we’re sure you’ll love…

Outstanding Image & Colour Quality

Inkjet technology completely raises the bar in digital colour image quality. Using 2,400 nozzles per inch native resolution and dual drop weight, the technology produces outstanding image detail such as smooth skin tones and incredible shadow detail for demanding channels such as publishing, direct mail and commercial print. The enhanced colour and image quality is sure to attract attention and boost engagement with your mailer.

High-level Personalisation

Affordable, high-value personalisation can be achieved with inkjet. 100% variable content can be incorporated amongst premium quality text and high coverage graphics to create seamless, targeted communications that will enhance relevancy and influence consumer behaviour. The improved capabilities enable you to produce specific solutions to address key market segments based on their customers’ geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural and contextual characteristics. Personalisation at this level has a profound effect on response rates and return on investment.

Optimum Speed

The requirement to meet tight deadlines is always prevalent for any business. Inkjet technology boasts robust performance with a high duty cycle, enabling faster colour and print duplex. The model we have acquired speeds up to 152metres (500ft) per minute in full colour and variable content at full press speed and can produce up to 62million four-colour letter-sized images per month. This means that we can produce and dispatch your mailers against tight timescales better than ever before.

Maximum Efficiency

We understand that our industry has a significant impact on the environment, which is why we are committed to minimising this where possible. Our new energy-efficient technology enables us to use less power yet ensure greater uptime by maintaining high print quality over long runs. Print defects are minimised, and waste is reduced, thus dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

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