A Closer Look at Partially Addressed Mail

5th February 2019

The implementation of GDPR has bought with it a fresh set of rules, challenges and attitudes with regards to the way in which we interact with our consumers. However, it has also paved the way for some pioneering new opportunities for businesses to grasp and run with, especially where mail is concerned.

What is Partially Addressed Mail?

Partially Addressed Mail is a standard addressed mail product used for advertising. It enables acquisition of customers without the use of personal data but identifies customers using sophisticated targeting options such as geo-demographics at postcode level.

In order to comply with GDPR, the mailing contains no personal information about the recipient and will be addressed to ‘The Homeowner’ or ‘Pet Owner’ – whatever you think is applicable to your campaign. All Partially Addressed Mail must carry a declaration message to assure the recipient that no personal data has been used in the creation of the mailing. This may appear on the inside or outside of the mail pack.

To ensure that you are not wasting your budget sending acquisition material to existing customers, these contacts are removed from the campaign.

How does the targeting work?

There are two main methods for targeting:

Topping Up
You can use your existing customer postcodes to target other houses in customer ‘rich’ areas. In areas where there is a high proportion of customers, you can work on the assumption that the remainder of postcodes in these areas will contain good prospects, so you effectively ‘top up’ your existing postcodes. This allows greater penetration in areas where your product or service is already being used.

This method uses geo-demographic targeting tools like MOSAIC or CAMEO to identify postcodes with similar profiles to existing customers. This enables you to find customers in new areas who are likely to be interested in buying your product or service.

Amalgamating both of these methods will give you comprehensive coverage of potential customers, enhancing the success rate of your campaign.

Key Metrics

  • Partially Addressed is cheaper than cold acquisition but more expensive than door drops
  • Mailing is 14p less than standard advertising mail
  • A 0.36% response rate is required to achieve ROI parity
  • 86% of Partially Addressed Mail is engaged with[i]

Key Benefits

  • Uses no personal data about the recipient, yet it is addressable
  • Existing customers are removed, so you are not wasting budget or acquisition materials
  • Cheaper than cold mailing
  • Engaging and increases brand awareness
  • You can use two methods of targeting

 How is it performing so far?

The trial of Partially Addressed Mail was launched in November 2018 and since then, a series of benefits have been widely reported.

MarketReach have reported a positive performance for mainstream advertisers and looking at the financial and insurance services sector as an example; on receipt, a partially addressed mail item has;

  • Been seen by an average number of 1.2 people
  • Been viewed 4.7 times
  • Kept for 8.6 days in the home


  • 6% of partially addressed items have resulted in being discussed with someone
  • 9% of partially addressed items have resulted in someone planning a large purchase

For further details on Partially Addressed Mail and how you can intelligently incorporate this initiative into your marketing mix, call our team on 01322 414 000 or click here to submit a message via our contact form.




[i] MarketReach