GDPR: One year on

17th April 2019

Since its implementation on 25th May 2018, GDPR has seen a shift in the way that marketers handle data and communicate with their audiences.  Despite the restrictions imposed by the new regulations, there have been some opportunities that have arisen – particularly for mail.

Our infographic below looks at how the industry views GDPR one year on:

GDPR 1 Year

Opportunities for Mail

With many businesses hesitant to send marketing emails to clients and prospects as a result of the rules around permissions, many have turned to mail to save the day. Businesses can act on legitimate interest when contacting consumers by mail, meaning that consent is not always needed – this is baring in mind that you can show that how you’re using data is proportionate, minimally intrusive to the recipient’s privacy and that people would not be surprised or likely to object to what they receive.

GDPR has also birthed the idea of partially addressed mail. Instead of using a recipient’s personal data, the initiative intelligently targets recipients by using geo-demographic targeting tools or by using existing customers’ postcodes to target other houses in consumer-rich areas. This is explained in greater detail here.

Door drops have also been used to acquire new customers and re-engage inactive ones that have opted out of email and direct mail marketing.  With 92% of people reading door drops that are delivered to their home and 20% of which are shared with another member of the household, door drops are a fantastic way to engage with both prospective and old customers.

You can read more about the marketing opportunities that have risen as a result of GDPR by reading our Post-GDPR Marketing Whitepaper, or by speaking to one of our experts on 01233 414 000.