Inkjet’s Place in the Market

22nd February 2019

Technological advances over the past few decades have changed both our personal and professional lives in unforeseeable ways. Today’s workplace looks much different to the previous generation, and the next decade will undoubtedly see further change. Inkjet technology however, looks as though it is here to stay!

Full colour inkjet presses first appeared approximately 10 years ago but adoption has been a very slow process. Transactional markets solely used inkjet printing for logos or simple images due to the limited dpi, speed, paper options and colour range. Yet if we fast forward to today, the market is a very different landscape…

Vast improvements in technology mean that we are now able to adapt inkjet to meet our specific requirements and reap benefits such as;

  • 100% variable content
  • Outstanding image and colour quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Minimal print defects
  • Less waste

Only further growth for inkjet is predicted.

According to research from print and packaging consultancy, Smithers Pira, it is predicted that the global market for inkjet printing will grow 9.4% each year and will be worth a whopping £85.4billion in the year 2023.

With its short-run and high variability capabilities, inkjet technology is rapidly augmenting printer business models, disrupting established supply chains and enabling new value-added opportunities.

Advertising is expected to continue as the largest application from now until 2023 but the most rapid growth will come from inkjet use in books, packaging and commercial printing. This comes as a result of the modifiable manufacturing workflows, better controls and better forecasting.

Developers are also exploring the opportunities to open new market applications using inkjet, including; automotive and transport printing, 3D printing, biomedical printing, glass printing, textile printing and much more.

Inkjet printing technology is rapidly evolving and at Howard Hunt, we ensure that we are at the forefront of these developments. Our latest investment in the HP T240 press shows our commitment to offering our clients the very best solutions on the market. If you want to find out more about how the HP could revolutionise your collateral, contact our team on 01322 414 000 or click here to send us a message.