A year on from JICMAIL: What has the industry learnt?

9th January 2019

The Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMail) was launched in January last year and was set up to provide solid audience insight and data for mail.

Over the past year, JICMail has worked hard to capture and publish their comprehensive research. They have been capturing data since April 2017 and have released their findings on a quarterly basis. Now, with over 18 months’ worth of data accounting for audience and item, JICMail’s database represents the world’s largest record of advertising mail’s journey within the home.

So, what exactly has the industry learnt? Through their extensive work, JICMail has identified and defined the key metrics; Frequency and Reach.


The number of times a mail item has been interacted with based on the following list of physical interactions; opened it, read/looked/glanced at it, put it on display, put it aside to refer to later, threw away/recycled, took it out of the house, used/did something with the information, put it in the usual place.


This refers to the number of people within the household who have been exposed to a mail item.

Key Findings

  • 69% of all mail items are opened
  • 62% of all addressed mail is opened immediately, with a further 19% opened subsequently
  • 62% of all door drops are opened, read or looked at
  • 15% of all door drops are put aside to look at later
  • 44% of advertising mail is still live after four weeks
  • 14% of door drops are is still live after four weeks
  • The average household receives 1.3 items of addressed mail each day
  • For every 100 door drops received ten are passed on and shared, and each piece is revisited three times. Supermarkets, Restaurants and local Tradespeople see the highest frequency of exposure for their door drops

Before the introduction of JICMail, there was absolutely no measurement for advertising mail. This new currency provides audience and data insights across mail’s journey in the home, enabling advertising mail to fairly compete with other media channels – and it has done just that!

The fact that mail has a 69% open rate and 44% of mail is still live within the household even after four weeks has not only allowed mail to compete with other mediums, it has proved the sheer power of print and reinforced its vital role within the marketing mix – especially since the introduction of GDPR and the restrictions imposed as a result of this.

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